One of the very best universities in the U.S., the University of Southern California (USC) is a leading private research university located in Los Angeles and a global center for arts, technology, and international business.

We all know that the U.S. is a country which is obsessed with fast food and coffee.

The coffee culture is especially glaringly evident courtesy of the existence of local as well as national coffee shops on almost every nook and corner of the States.

Same is the case at USC, with the presence of a number of prominent coffee shops on USC campus as well as in its surroundings, which are thronged by youngsters and adults alike.

But since the last few months, a new-age coffee shop (DRNK coffee+tea) with a sophisticated look and feel has gone on to garner a huge fan following among the USC coffee lovers.

The main reason for the rising popularity of the DRNK store in spite of the presence of various well-known cafes near USC is its selection of enticing hot & iced beverages, its signature S’Blendids, and a robust food program.

Let’s have a comprehensive look at all of the exceedingly mouthwatering and delicious beverages being served at the DRNK USC coffee shop.

Hot Drinks

There is no dearth of appetizing options for customers when it comes to the availability of steaming hot beverages at DRNK.

Whether it be delectable espresso drinks, luscious tea options or the duo of savory cocoa drinks, one is spoilt for choice as far as hot DRNK beverages are concerned.



With just espresso and hot water as the ingredients, the Americano is undoubtedly the simplest of beverages when it comes to espresso drinks.

But sometimes the simplest things are some of the best ones and it’s true in this case with the Americano providing a nice energy boost to kick-start your morning!

Cafe Latte


One of the most common yet a highly popular espresso drink, the cafe latte quite simply sets the benchmark for the quality of espresso drinks being served at a coffee shop.

Made up of organic espresso and steamed milk, the cafe latte at DRNK is a savory drink that is lip-smacking, to say the least.

Add to that the amazing latte art handcrafted by the DRNK baristas and you have a highly memorable drink to delight in!

Caramel Macchiato


Caramel lovers, look nowhere else!

The DRNK caramel macchiato is the perfect amalgamation of organic espresso, steamed milk and caramel to form a toothsome drink that will satisfy all your caramel cravings and more!

Vanilla Latte


One of the most popular and highly appreciated espresso beverages among DRNK customers, the DRNK vanilla latte consists of organic espresso, steamed milk, and rich vanilla syrup to form a delightful drink.

There’s also the classic latte art being dished out by the baristas that makes the drink a sight to behold!

White Chocolate Mocha


The appetizing white chocolate sauce of DRNK blended in with organic espresso and poured into steamed milk makes for a delish drink that is further enhanced by the sweetened whipped cream on top.

Chai Latte


Like organic espresso, DRNK also makes use of organic masala chai whose luscious flavor and taste is totally evident in this chai latte.

Touted by customers as comprising the perfect amount of sweetness, this is one drink that is a must try for chai lovers!

Earl Grey Latte


DRNK has its own homemade earl grey concentrate which is made with a slight infusion of vanilla for an awe-inspiring latte flavor.

This is a drink that has the potential to get you hooked to it on your very first try!

Green Matcha Tea Latte


One of the most healthful and flavorful ingredients to include in a drink – the matcha in our Green Matcha Tea Latte plays its part in the formation of a heavenly drink that is lauded as the best Matcha Latte you can get anywhere… by the DRNK management and customers.

Chai Blanc


Made from the combination of organic masala chai and hyper-caffeinated white coffee, the Chai Blanc is one of the best drinks to consume for breakfast as it will freshen you up for the day!

Hot Cocoa


The perfect drink to consume on a cold winter morning, the hot cocoa will make you feel warm on the inside while satiating your taste buds to the core!

White Hot Cocoa


For people interested in a non-caffeine drink that is equally great as the caffeinated ones described above, look no further than the exceedingly enjoyable white hot cocoa.

Iced Drinks

There aren’t as many iced DRNK beverages for selection as its hot counterparts, but the ones available are truly worth the money and are bound to provide you with a memorable and extraordinary experience!

Here are the 7 DRNK iced beverages on offer at the DRNK store:

ICED Americano


The iced version of the DRNK Americano is a great pick-me-up drink that will get you raring and ready to go and conquer the day’s tasks.

Cafe Latte


Probably the most refreshing beverage on the DRNK menu, the Iced Cafe Latte is made up of organic espresso & cold milk and is shaken and served over ice.

Vanilla Latte


A delightful drink to binge on, the Iced Vanilla Latte is a treat to the eyes and taste buds alike.

Unsurprisingly, it has become a customer favorite.

Mocha Latte


The most exquisite beverage on the DRNK menu, the Mocha Latte is made with a combination of rich, full-bodied espresso, cold milk, a bittersweet mocha sauce, and ice.

The presence of the delectable organic espresso is evident right from the first sip to the very end!

White Chocolate Mocha


The White Chocolate Mocha comprises the perfect ratio of ingredients (organic espresso, cold milk, white chocolate sauce, ice) to bring out a delightful taste and flavor that makes it no less than a royal treat!

Orange Ginger Latte


The Iced version of the Orange Ginger Latte is as appetizing and extraordinary as the hot one.

Try it out yourself for a memorable experience.

Organic Cold Brew


DRNK steeps its Organic 3rd Planet coffee for 20 hours through a toddy process, removing the bitterness and acidity in it.

This is one of the most popular beverages on the DRNK menu and is an excellent drink to galvanize your morning spirit.


It’s time to go through the immensely tempting S’Blendids:

Cafe Latte


The Classic Cafe Latte in its S’Blendid version has that distinctive flavor & taste of organic espresso accompanied by a hint of sweetness that makes it a highly recommended drink.

Caramel Latte


A treat to behold – the Caramel Latte S’Blendid consists of organic espresso, caramel sauce, vanilla syrup, cold milk, and ice.

Vanilla Latte


This drink has all the characteristics required to get customers addicted to it.

It is quite simply one of the most amazing vanilla blended beverages you will get anywhere!

Mocha Latte


Exotic is the word that best describes the Mocha Latte S’Blendid.

Consisting of the ideal mocha to espresso ratio, this DRNK is off the charts!

White Chocolate Mocha


With its unforgettable taste and flavor, this delectable drink will remind you of the simple pleasures of life.

Treat yourself to this S’Blendid whenever you feel stressed and experience first-hand the difference it makes.

Orange Ginger Latte


The S’Blendid version of the unique orange ginger latte has a lot of expectations riding on it and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The fusion of orange and ginger is delicious, to say the least!

Chai Latte


One of the most popular items on the DRNK menu, the chai latte S’Blendid is made up of organic Rishi chai, which is one of the best on the market!

Earl Grey Latte


The Earl Grey S’Blendid is quite simply an irresistible drink that is primarily made up of the earl grey concentrate which is prepared in-house, steeping it overnight with loose leaf earl grey and vanilla.

Matcha Green


The ideal treat for matcha lovers, the Matcha Green S’Blendid is a sought-after drink and is a hit among DRNK customers.

Indulge in this drink and relax!

Vanilla Matcha Green


The goodness of matcha coupled up with the rich flavor of vanilla makes for a distinctive and heavenly experience!

Chai Blanc


A refreshing treat that is perfect for freshening up your mood, the Chai Blanc is made with an organic masala chai and a hyper-caffeinated white coffee.

Revel in the brilliance, that is, Chai Blanc S’Blendid.


The selection of beverages on offer at the DRNK USC cafe and other DRNK stores are some of the very best drinks that you can treat yourself to in the whole of the U.S.

The DRNK beverage menu comprises the majority of the regular coffee drinks accompanied by some of the most innovative and exotic drinks.

These beverages have all the characteristics required to provide you with a truly divine and unforgettable experience – getting you hooked to them in no time!

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