Even though there’s a difference between our run of the mill coffee and an espresso, everyone knows that when you need an espresso you seek out the nearest café.

It’s like our brain is wired to do so.

Think of coffee as a broad category and espresso being a subset of coffee.

Here’s a fun fact, both coffee and espresso are made from the same coffee beans.

And it’s true that Arabica and Robusta are two distinct coffee beans that are grown commercially, the major difference between the two being their caffeine content.

Your espresso and coffee can be made from either Arabic or Robusta. But that’s not what sets them apart.

The difference lies in the process of making them.

And that concludes our espresso vs coffee debate.

We won’t get into the details of how to make espresso coffee, but let’s just take a quick look at it and call it an espresso education.

This picture shows finely grounded coffee beans in the Porta filter.


Now, create a perfect puck by compressing the finely grounded beans in a puck.


Attach the Portafilter to your espresso machine. The machine will then force a small amount of nearly boiling hot water through the puck.


And voila you have a cup of delicious/healthy espresso.


Health Benefits of Espresso/Coffee.

1. Beats Obesity.

True it’s not magic, drinking a few cups of coffee or espresso a day is not magically going to help you lose all the weight just the next day.

It will take time like everything. You get to do drink your favorite espresso every day and lose weight at the same time, even though it’s gradual.

Do we need to get into the hazards of obesity?

Here are a few that might make you think twice about not giving coffee a chance.

  • Heart diseases
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Gallbladder disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer

Coffee increases energy level as well as reduces hunger, seems like hitting a gold mind doesn’t it?

With increased energy level, you should be able to do more physical exercise and the reduced hunger will help you keep control on your diet.

2. Reduces Health Risks.

Coffee will help you eliminate a lot of health risks from your life.

Reduced risk of a stroke.

26,556 male finish smokers reported that risk of developing a stroke was reduced by 12% if they drank 4-5 cups of coffee per day.

It doesn't help in case of intra-cerebral aka cerebral bleed or subarachnoid hemorrhage both of which are life-threatening if not treated.

The study in which 34670 women participated added weight to the point. Consuming 2-5 cups of coffee significantly reduced the risk of total stroke, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and cerebral infarction. But it did not affect intracerebral hemorrhage.

Another study, The prospective Nurse’s Health study in which 83, 076 women reported that consumption of 2-4 cups of coffee every day reduced the risk of stroke by 20% .
The same study also found that the risk of stroke was reduced by 43% if the person consumed 4 cups of coffee per day assuming that they are non-smokers or past smokers.

Lowers the risk/chances of Diabetes.

Coffee consumption and diabetes have been studied numerous times and the end result is always the same. It lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.

A 2008 study on this topic concluded that consuming 3 cups of coffee a day or even a cup of coffee a day reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 40%.

3. Rejuvenates Your Mind.

A majority of the population depends on coffee to wake them up even when they are actually awake.

It’s the mind that needs to awaken.

Also, it improves Long-term memory and attention.

4. Enriches Your Body.

We already covered how espresso/coffee rejuvenates the mind - here’s how it enriches your body.

It is good for your liver.

A British report was published in 2016 states that coffee is great for your liver; it reduces the chances of liver cancer. It also reduces the risk of other liver conditions such as liver fibrosis and cirrhosis.

It’s known to slow the progression of liver disease in some liver patients.

It’s also good for your teeth.

If you limit the consumption of coffee to moderate amounts it can stops tooth decay.

And it improves digestion.

Coffee has proven to improve digestion by relieving constipation and minimizing sugar absorption. Too much of anything is always hazardous to health so avoid over drinking coffee if you want your digestive tract to remain healthy.

Drink couple cups of coffee each day and say bye to digestion troubles.

If you still remain unconvinced of the benefits of espresso and how it will boost your life expectancy by 18%.

Here are facts to support that claim.

These studies that have been carried out in recent years and others that have been done over the years all reach the same conclusion.

In a recent study published in 2017 at European Society of Cardiology Dr Navarro concluded, “Our findings suggest that drinking 4 cups of coffee each day can be a healthy diet in healthy people”.

This study was conducted for an average of 10 years. There were 20000 participants during this period of 10 years and 337 participants died. Their findings suggested that the participants that drank at least 4 cups of coffee per day had a 64% lower risk of all-cause mortality.

All-cause mortality here refers to any cause of death.

Their primary goal was to establish a relationship between coffee consumption and the risk of mortality amongst middle-aged Mediterranean cohort.

During which they found that there was an association between coffee consumption and age. The participants that were aged 45 or more had 33% lower risk of mortality for drinking additional 2 cups of coffee per day. Same could not be said for the younger participants.

Coffee drinking and mortality in 10 European countries: a multinational cohort study concludes things quite similar to the one that we have before.

There were a total of 521330 participants. The data was observed and they reached a conclusion in an average period of 16.4 years.

As we have already discussed the findings were quite similar the death toll was less in the coffee consumers as compared to the non-consumers.

They reached a conclusion, “Coffee drinking was associated with reduced risk of death from various causes. This relationship did not vary by country.”

Another study where over 185,000 African-Americans, Native Americans, Hawaiians, Japanese-Americans, Latinos and whites participated reached the conclusion that coffee consumption can increase the life expectancy across various races.

It was found that people who drank 2-4 cups of copy each day had 18% lower risk of death in comparison to the people who didn’t drink coffee.

Most of the studies carried out in relation to coffee consumption and all-cause mortality have led to the same conclusion.

Home-made espresso and the one served to you at a café are worlds apart. Sure, you can brew your own espresso but an espresso made from freshly roasted coffee beans always beats that.

So, how about we compare the two and find out which one emerges as the victor? Pretty sure we all know the answer to that. Anyway, let’s continue.

Making Espresso at Home vs Espresso Machine.


Making espresso at home with Moka pot:

A Moka pot guarantees a rich and thick cup of espresso thanks to the aluminum body that helps retain the heat and the best part it’s easier to clean.


Yup, just like that, easy-peasy.

You’ll have to compromise with the quality though as that cannot be guaranteed from brew to brew. Similarly espresso flavor and crema won’t match up to what you would order at a café.

As far as quality of espresso is concerned Moka pot gets 1 and a half star.


Espresso Machine:

Perfect flavor and crema, serves you an espresso to die for. Quality, as you see is not an issue with the Espresso machine.


On the other hand, they are damn expensive and adding to that you even have to purchase extra equipment such as tamps, grinders and scales.

For its outstanding quality, the Espresso machine gets a five star rating.


It doesn’t just give you quality but quantity as well. So, “quality over quantity” is a moot point and this adds just more value to the magic that’s an Espresso machine.

Boosting your life expectancy should rank really high on your to do list.

In order to reach that goal, you always select quality. The end result should always matter. We hope that this article helps you add more years to this beautiful life.

No, it’s not going to turn you in an immortal being.

So, what goes best with a cup of coffee?

Another coffee!