Coffee has always been one of the favorite beverages of Americans’ and its popularity & consumption has especially risen in the past decade with millennials getting hooked to the cup of joe like no other drink.

According to the NCA National Coffee Drinking Trends 2018, 64% of U.S. consumers drink coffee daily with another NCA study showing that millennials consume 44 percent of coffee in the U.S.

These are highly encouraging signs for coffee franchises looking to create a foothold in the industry and for individuals looking to invest in a coffee franchise.

DRNK coffee + tea

The fascination of coffee among Americans has led to a massive rise in coffee chains across the U.S. which has led to coffee franchise opportunities.

These coffee chains are mainly of two types, the traditional chains that are built on speed of service, and the boutique style coffee shops with baristas that conjure up one cup of coffee at time.

DRNK coffee + tea brings those two worlds together with marrying the speed of service offering, a quality cup of coffee for you to relish, and also is build with a fresh food program!

DRNK carries USDA organic espresso, many of our coffees are organic as well, with most of them being single origins.

We also have a stronger focus on tea than most coffee shops and strongly focus on carrying fair trade certified products.

Our contemporary styled coffee shops also have a food program that is made fresh in-house.

Our food is not delivered frozen and thrown in a microwave, instead it’s made fresh on-demand.

We will discuss all this in detail but first, let’s get you acquainted with what “DRNK coffee + tea” is all about.

The Brand

The look and feel of DRNK coffee + tea shouts sophistication and class with a forward-thinking vibe.

Every element that reflects the DRNK coffee + tea brand has a thread of consistency.

From marketing campaigns, to the look and feel of product packaging, the DRNK brand is iconic and powerful.

DRNK is totally committed to sourcing the highest quality coffee beans from all around the world.

Our highly skilled roastmaster uses the latest and greatest techniques to roast to perfection, allowing us to brew the freshest cup of coffee.

Research and development is imperative to the brand! DRNK prides itself on being a very fluid brand, always keeping our ears and our mind open.

We are always on the lookout for new techniques to improve and evolve, leading to us paying close attention to the latest trends, customer suggestions and valuable info from coffee farmers.

By taking in and assessing all these things and working on them, we achieve the finest results possible.

DRNK is also not a typical coffee brand which is only looking for profits but a brand with a human touch to it.

We value our relationships with customers, farmers, employees, and franchisees more than anything else.

They are as important to us as the growth and success of the brand itself.


Our savory collection of ethereal espressos and teas have been made to tend to all different cravings.

The incredible selection of Lattes, Cappuccinos, Macchiatos, Americanos and more have been meticulously designed to come up with the perfect amount of flavor and taste for a truly sublime experience.

Our trademark S’Blendids are our finest creations and make for a mouthwatering & magical affair.

We also have two of the best delectable hot cocoa drinks that will take you straight back to your childhood while making you feel warm and cozy on the inside.

Our organic cold brew doesn’t have even a hint of bitterness/acidity and is one of the most popular drinks on the menu thanks to our 18-hour steeping process.


In the typical coffee shop segment, ready to eat food products are typically frozen, pre-packaged and heated in a microwave...the offering is mundane and unimpressive.

The DRNK coffee + tea food program is second to none and offers guests a high quality, freshly made product.

With food being made daily, our food items are as fresh and enjoyable as our coffees.

Selections are presented in a bakery style format, reflecting freshness and variety.

Our sandwiches, paninis and salads are all prepared on site and the breads are baked off fresh on a daily basis.



Here’s why DRNK’s the way to go when it comes to owning up a coffee franchise.

The average consumer is becoming more and more educated in varieties and qualities of specialty coffees around the world.

In 2013, DRNK coffee + tea saw this as an opportunity to serve people who expect higher quality yet require the production speed their life demands.

We’re constantly upping the ante with our eclectic offering of coffees featuring regular selections of ”reserve“ blends, proprietary creations and our signature S’Blendids®.

Brand differentiators include a best in class, made fresh food program and a stainless steel multi-head tap system pouring cold-brewed coffees, nitro-brews, iced teas, and unique specialty products such as Kombucha.

Last year's sales analysis of coffee at foodservice establishments topped over $40 billion and the retail coffee category is going to continue to grow.

DRNK coffee + tea is capitalizing on the growing direction of consumers seeking an elevated coffee experience by creating a sophisticated yet accessible and inviting environment for customers to enjoy specialty beverages and freshly made food.

About 85 percent of adults drink coffee, up from 78 percent a year earlier, that’s an average of three cups a day per person, or 598 million cups.

That translates into overwhelming opportunities for a DRNK franchisee in any thriving market-globally.

Becoming a DRNK coffee + tea franchisee has many perks that a partner can capitalize on.

Some of them are:

Built-in Operational System

All the tools are in place for you to operate your business effectively.

Strong Buying Power

We are constantly overseeing prices and negotiating all items to put franchisees in the best position for success.

R & D

We are always experimenting and testing new drinks to bring the WOW factor to customers!

We're also totally in tune with the coffee industry, constantly identifying the newest and hottest trends.

Proven Model

DRNK coffee + tea's current stores in various site types (i.e. strip centers, street front, residential neighborhoods, etc.) prove that the model works!

Our franchise partners continue to enjoy incredible success from a brand perfectly targeted towards the modern day coffee consumer while offering the ideal franchise operating model!


From the day you start your business to every day thereafter we are always there for you, providing support from operations, training and marketing.


Our operations team is built to be hands on with franchisees!

Our in-depth program helps franchisees understand day-to-day operations including customer service, overseeing cost of goods, labor, hiring and maintaining equipment.

When it comes to operations, we’re very serious about supporting our franchisees.

We want to ensure a comfortable store environment for both our partners and their customers.

Our training team is always available for ongoing support and new product introductions.

Our mission is to ensure franchisees can operate their stores to a high standard, preparing drinks and food that will reflect an exceptional customer experience.


We offer a comprehensive multi-tier training program for the first location.

It covers all aspects of coffee product knowledge, management, operations and customer service in a two-week extensive training session here in Southern California at our training stores.

Two more days of training and assessment are provided at our corporate headquarters.

We train the franchisee and their designated operations leader with the culmination of final testing and assessment to earn a Certified Manager designation.


The DRNK marketing department will provide guidance to help you develop a successful local store marketing plan targeted to a local radius within your area.

This plan typically includes a grand opening event and suggestions for activities surrounding ongoing promotions.

We will provide input and guidance through the planning of your grand opening event.

Grand opening specific marketing materials and public relations ideas have been created to ensure the success of your initial launch.

To drive traffic to the stores we direct our efforts in guiding you to implement a variety of marketing tactics and the development of a Local Store Marketing plan which includes proven tactics such as on-site sampling, direct mail campaigns, bounce back coupons, loyalty programs and more.

However, we’re different than most QSR franchise organizations.

We’re investing major efforts into modern marketing tactics such as geo-focused content marketing in the form of blogging and of course taking advantage of the wide but targeted reach social media has on all platforms.

Bottom line, a well-executed marketing plan added to our ongoing LTO's, product offerings and continued support equals a successful DRNK coffee + tea.

Other Support Services

  • DRNK Operations Manual, which is a detailed operation and reference guide.

  • Multi-unit franchisees receive assistance in strategic planning for their key trade area.

  • Expert site selection criteria, store design and construction guidance.

  • Field support for initial opening and grand opening.

  • Operations, marketing and support programs.
    • Regular product marketing campaigns.
    • New product development offerings.
    • Ongoing support and guidance in building and operating your business.

  • Participation in bulk purchasing contracts.

  • Our Franchise Disclosure Document, which is provided to qualified franchise prospects upon approval of a Preliminary Application, provides greater detail on all these areas.

Site Assistance

We believe in mastering site selection, helping our franchise partners in completing the site selection package.

DRNK tours markets with franchisees and assists in analyzing a site and trade area along with providing a set of prototypical plans.


As a DRNK coffee + tea franchise partner, you’ll be joining a premium coffee franchise with true franchise professionals who have significant retail and food service experience to provide the finest level of franchise support.

We believe our franchisees are true business partners and we’re committed to them, all the way, walking them through the detailed process and working hard to make sure the relationship will be mutually beneficial.

DRNK coffee + tea is simply unparalleled in all aspects of coffee franchising, and we are pulling out all the stops to ensure there are no chinks in our armor so that we can all ride our way to the very top!